The Centre offers a range of horse riding activities, depending on you interests, we provide the following:

Equestrian Instruction

Available for beginner through to advanced. Regular lessons cover dressage, showjumping, eventing and vaulting as well as horsemanship.

All lessons include safety and horsemanship apart from the skills needed for riding. Lessons are available each day. There is a wide range of options and choices to ensure that each rider has a program that suits their individual needs.

The Centre's program is based on an exclusive structured curriculum which ensures that riders are taught correct techniques that can be used in all types of riding throughout their lives in any venue and in any country. The Centre's international contacts and experience as a teaching facility ensure that our instructors are up to date.

The first lesson is always one on one with a coach and focuses on horsemanship and safety around and on the horse. The initial private and group lessons progress at a pace to suit each rider and are aimed at achieving a balanced and correct position. Once this is achieved riders begin focusing on developing understanding and partnership between the horse and rider. Riders have the opportunity to work through from beginner to open competition riding without the commitment of owning a horse.

Lessons are scheduled on the hour and can be organised at a time to suit the individual.

There are discounts for prepurchased lessons and a Beginner Package to assist in the initial stages of you or your child's horse experience. See below for more information under the Stages Guide heading.

The Centre offers a nationally accredited program for instructors for those who wish to take their riding possibly to a professional level.

For school age children we offer an after school riding program. We also cater for birthdays and other special occasions.

There is no age limit to riding and we cater for all ages.

  • The Centre has a large program for adults.
  • Our Junior Riding Program offers an introduction to horses for the young rider.
  • We also offer a Little League program each day on the weekend. . Little League is part of the introductory program and can be an intermediate step to group lessons; it is a highly supervised hourly lesson with up to half the period ridden.

Call us and discuss how we can help you begin or further develop and extend your equestrian involvement.

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The Stages Riding Program has been developed to provide a framework for learning about horses and how to manage them. The Program provides consistency in horsemanship at the National Equestrian Centre.

The program assists in developing and assessing riders' abilities and placing people into lessons that are appropriate to their current level of riding and horsemanship skills. It promotes safety and better learning. All lessons at the National Equestrian Centre are conducted under these guidelines. As a rider, the program allows you to have aclear picture of where your riding is going. Each stage has set skills to focus on and to achieve in order to progress.

The Stages program caters for a progression from a beginner through to open competition level. The program introduces new skills and develops competence gradually so that it is user friendly to all levels of rider.

The Stages Program has been developed in line with the standards from the Equestrian Federation of Australia (EFA) training system, allowing riders to continue from our program into open competition or a career in the equestrian industry.

National Equestrian Centre has developed the Rider's Guide to the Stages Program. This guide helps riders to work through each of the stages, gaining signatures as each of the skills has been achieved. Practical and theoretical skills are included. The Rider's Guide aims to encourage riders' overall horsemanship, with the ability to work through each stage at a pace appropriate to the individual.

Lesson Types Description
Group Lesson Once a new rider has acheived a certain degree of capability they are eligible to join a group lesson. These group leassons comprise of up to 8 riders all around the same level of skill.
Shared Lesson
Private Lesson These lessons are one on one with a coach. When a rider first joins the stages program they will have a private lesson with a coach to determine their skill level. If they demonstrate sufficient ability to control the horse they are then elegible to join a group lesson. If they are a first time rider they may require 2 or 3 private lessons to learn and develop the skills needed to be eligible for group lessons.

Discounted pre-purchase lesson e-vouchers

Purchased in blocks of 10. One e-voucher is equivalent to a group lesson or trail ride or part payment for an upgrade to any other service by payment of the full value difference . PLEASE NOTE vouchers are valid for 6 months and are non-refundable. They are transferable within immediate family only. If a voucher expires it will be honoured with the purchase of a new voucher. There are no refunds for unused expired vouchers; a residual value of unused valid vouchers can be credited to other services or purchases after deducting rides at the full value

Package (for new starters only) Description
Starter Pack Package contains – 3 private, 2 group lessons, riders guide, riding boots, crop, hoofpick, signature bag
Starter Pack with Helmet Package contains – 3 private, 2 group lessons, riders guide, riding boots, riding helmet, crop, hoofpick, signature bag]

Family discounts are available

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Special packages are available for school and community groups. These range from trail rides to introductory horsemanship and riding programs. Some schools include horse riding as a regular term program whilst others take advantage of our end of term packages. We often provide excursion programs for out of area groups.

The program can include transport in our airconditioned bus fitted with seat belts.

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The Centre's after school program has been expanded and redesigned to provide better rider programs and more options. We have redesigned the program to provide more support to working parents. Our popular pick up bus will continue to service schools in the Woden/Weston Creek areas. But in addition will pick up riders for after school programs at the Woden (Platform 18) and Weston Creek (outside Laksa House) Terminuses.

Lessons run at 4:00 and 5:00 with two graded lessons to ensure riders are gaining maximum benefit from each lesson. To enter into the afterschool riding program specific private lessons can be arranged. After School riders will be able to join the Stages riding program through the beginner rider pack and 10 lesson discount program. A bus provides transport to the Centre from nominated schools in the Weston Creek/Woden area and Woden and Weston Creek Interchanges (by arrangement). The Centre office will coordinate the bus route schedule.

Pick up days and places can be scheduled to suit the riders. The bus does not provide a return service. Riders can be picked up at the Centre after their lessons at parents convenience up to 6pm.

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Each school holiday period the Centre runs a program of weekly day camps. The regular program caters for riders of different levels in streamed groups of no more than 8 persons. The Centre also runs a program for advanced riders and vaulters.

Camps run for 4 days from 9am till 5pm and consist of 2 riding lessons/periods each day plus a theory or training session covering horsemanship and riding skills. Riders learn to be responsible for the care of their horse and gear.

Beginner riders need to be at group stage to be accepted for camp. Call the Centre for the dates and if you have any questions on being accepted into camp.

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These courses are currently running on an "as needed" basis. For more information please call the centre on 02 6288 5555

Horse Management

Introductory Horse management course covers the basic concepts of general horse management, essential to the provision of minimum standards of horse welfare and practice. It is designed for people with no previous horse management experience and therefore is essential for any person starting out in horse care or for persons with little experience wanting to learn more.

The subjects covered are shown below with a couple of individual topics to give you a better idea:

    • Horse Handling
    • Horse Bbehaviour
    • Saddle types, Purposes and Parts
    • Signs of Good Health
    • Lameness

Instructor Training - EA Level 1 Program

The Centre runs an ongoing program for the NCAS Level 1 (EFA) instructors program. The training schedule includes evening and weekend periods as well as some weekdays. Call the Centre for more information.

By clicking on this a new tab will be opened to Equestrian Australia's education page. Equestrian Australia

Jumping Equitation

Equitation is the art or practice of horse riding or horsemanship.

More specifically, equitation may refer to a rider's position while mounted, and encompasses a rider's ability to ride correctly and with effective aids. In horse show competition, the rider, rather than the horse is evaluated. Such classes go by different names, depending on region, including equitation classes, rider classes, or horsemanship classes. Judging criteria covers the rider's performance and control of the horse, use of riding aids, proper attire, correct form, and usually factor in rider poise and the cleanliness and polish of horse, rider and equipment. The performance of the horse is not judged per se, but a poorly performing horse is considered to reflect the ability of the rider.

Jumping equitation is the main jumping focus at Kerrabee as it promotes safe and accurate jumping techniques. Rider must continue with flat work lessons and need to be Stage 5 (or established Stage 4 by coach agreement). Jumping Equitation involves a set of personal and horse skills which take come time to develop. The NEqC program is over 5 Medal Stages commencing from poles and cavalettis through graded development to 80cm. From there the rider will be able to compete in open EA competitions.

Each Level involves competencies across 9 program skill segments – in total some 57 capabilities. These segments and skills are all fundamental to good safe horse riding over obstacles and so will improve riders skills, and promote horse welfare, not only in jumping but also in cross country riding.

There are 5 levels in Jumping Equitation, these are

  • Granite (the base rock of successful jumping and where all riders commence)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Riders can progress through each of these stages but can remain in a level for as long as they wish.

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Competition Riding

Riders at the National Equestrian Centre have the opportunity to participate in open competition without the need to own their own horse. Riders can attend competitions at the National Equestrian Centre or become part of the NEqC Competition Team which attends both internal and external competition. This provides those riders who cannot have their own horse the experience, enjoyment and commitment of competition participation.

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